About Us

First of all thank you for your interest in Beautydolls Ragdolls!

I’m Kristen and I’m not just a hobby breeder. I am a Mother and a Wife living in a multi-animal and pet home.

I have been breeding for ten years and have owned Ragdolls for the last 17 years.

What Beautydolls Ragdoll Cattery promises to you:

We promise that we are not a backyard breeder, doing this only for money! We truly love this breed and we started breeding because of the love of our first Ragdoll Simba.

We promise that we try our best to breed HEALTHY, LOVING and SWEET RAGDOLLS that bring joy to your life for many happy years!

We promise we never have bad intentions with selling kittens! We are as honest as they come! If something happens that’s under contract (often times not even on our contract) we are always willing to make it right!

We will do our best to meet your needs, answer questions and e-mails as best as we can even if that kitten is well into adulthood!

Now please keep in mind we are very aware of good customers and we love them like family. We very grateful for the many happy, honest clients that have become like family! We appreciate you!

We are also very aware of a section of the population who is not always easy to please or nice or honest. All breeders and all small hobby owners have difficult people from time to time.

We do the best to our ability to abide by our contract but doesn’t mean some clients follow these same rules. That’s just how our world works.

More about us:

We are a family who loves pets!

I was a Vet Tech for many years before breeding.  I have lots of knowledge about animals including basic care, vet care, training, and animal behavior thanks to my vet training.

Kids and ragdolls = very loving kittens!!!!!

Vet work and kittens = healthy kittens and a breeder who has first hand knowledge that can help clients in the future.

All Dog breeds and ragdolls do very well together! Many times they become best friends!

Ragdolls adapt very quickly to new situations! That’s part of why there so great!

We believe in early socialization with pets kids, vaccuumes, music, and lots of noise early! So that makes them “ bomb proof “ and perfect loving ragsdolls!

Please enjoy our site and read other links as they tell you more about what Beautydolls Ragdoll Cattery stands for.

Should you have any questions, I’m happy answer them through e-mail at beautydollsventuracounty@gmail.com.