I had heard of Angela Turner of PalaceDolls Ragdoll Cattery in Canada when I very first started breeding 10 years ago. She was a very respected knowledgeable breeder that has been breeding for 20+ years. I had the opportunity to get one of Angela’s cats two years ago and we became very good friends from that point.

I spoke to her often and there was nothing else she loved more than her hobby. She’s a very knowledgeable and passionate breeder. She actually had the number one international ragdoll a couple years ago and that is very hard to accomplish. That’s basically a lifetime achievement award and she was very proud about that!

As our friendship grew, I then looked forward to our talks and our laughs threw out weekly basis. One thing I did realize about Angela was her heart. How giving and loving she was towards people that needed help. She was always there for me when I needed somebody to talk to, a friend and I can honestly say she was always there when I needed her.

There are a lot of ragdoll breeders out in the world for sure but there are very few with the heart like Angela had and the passion she had for her cats!

One of Angela’s sweet Blue Mitted Ragdoll Kittens

Unfortunately her passion ended on May 21, 2018 ! She sadly got taken from us and in a way we can never describe a horrific death that no one should experience. Just like that she was taken from the ragdoll world, from all us Here on earth. She also left behind three sons and a mother ……

Angela and her son Nick

I ask you my friends, my clients that have gone to my website that read this, please help Angela’s family! Please donate anything helps.  Here is the GoFundMe link:


Unfortunately she was a result of domestic violence and part of the the donations goes to help People that are in situations like Angela’s! There’s nothing that we can do to bring her back. Her 3 sons, her friends, her family are all now here on earth without her.

I’m doing this to help her family and to help me find some peace. If you love ragdoll’s like we do please donate to her go fund me, make a difference, make a difference for people and other families in situations like this. She did a lot for the ragdoll breed. She loved and cared about her cats, this is the least we can do for her children. They are left with financial hard ache not to mention not having either one of their parents left here on earth. In my opinion this is the least we can do!

Angela we love you so much! I’m trying to do everything in my power to make you proud! I know you’re looking down at us and I wish you only happiness and love !