Cindy DeWolfe

My mentor of 10 years, my mommy, my everything passed away July 31, 2018 in her sleep!

I believe it was of a broken heart! Her husband had passed away on July 28, 2018.

You would never meet a nicer lady in your life. She was a firm believer in giving people a first chance, taking people’s word and there’s no one that loved like Cindy! She was the most passionate loving sweet soul!

There is no other breeder that loved ragdolls more then she did! She loved our cats like no other ! She wanted keep our ragdolls long tall traditional cats as long as possible. She hated that new breeders we’re changing our beautiful breed the way they are now!

The best part of Cindy was her soul, her hugs her, emotional tears steaming down her face when she told me she loved me! I loved her more then anyone will know!

As I write this I hear her …. I would say I love u ! She then would say I love you baby girl more then you will ever know! I know she did …… I was lucky to have peace night before the lord took her! I love you mommy! Always !!!!!

Me & Cindy at the TICA Show in Arizona