Our Queens

Each of our Queens are selected for Health, Temperament and Beauty!
Each and every girl is very special to us! Every girl has been tested and proven Negative for HCM and FELV/FIV.
We take the time to give each and every girl the love and attention they deserve.

Beautydolls Talula’s Legacy

This is our homegrown girl that has an exceptional temperament and beauty!
In our opinion, this girl has it all- the sweetness of a ragdoll, size and fluffy soft coat!

Razldazldolls Paris of Beautydolls

RazDazl Paris is our blue mitted girl with a diamond blaze.
Her mother is our Secret and where she gets her deep eye color from her mommy!!!
She has amazing type, great ear set and she’s a big girl for her age!
We want to thank Cindy and Peter for this amazing girl.

RazlDazlDolls Secret Secret of BeautyDolls

Secret is a Blue Bi-Color with the deepest blue eyes and a sweet personality!
She comes from my dear friends Cindy & Pete.

Our Canadian Import

Darlin’lil’Dolls Touched by an Angel of Beautydolls

We want to Thank Ashley and Gail from Darlin’lil’dolls from the bottom of our hearts for blessing us with this magnificent Girl! Angel is a seal mitted Female imported from Canada. I can honestly say she is just perfect!!! Lets first start with her darling baby doll look, her sweet expresstion melts my heart at every glance. Her deep Blue eye color is one I am very impressed by along with her very strong chin. Her beauty is not all she is blessed with, her temperment is what makes this special baby my pride and joy. Angel makes it a point to love on us every chance she gets! Making cooking on our chest and purring none stop. Ragdolls are known for their rabbit soft coats and there floppy temperment well, I think this girl wrote the book! We have very high hopes for Angel here she will attending her first show this summer and we cant wait!

Dollvilla Amazing Gracie of Beautydolls



Gracie is a beautiful Blue Bi-Color girl!
She is just amazing, her eyecolor is wonderful, her type is outstanding!
She has a beautiful and loving personality that is just dreamy.
Thank you so much Lauren and Kevin for blessing us with this girl.

SunnyShores Tiffany of BeautyDolls

Tiffany is a Blue Lynx Bi-Color from Rachel in Florida.
She is so beautiful with her trademark Ragdoll Blue eyes.
We love her soft coat and her lovable sweet personality. Thank you again Rachel!